Entry #1

Oh hello there

2009-10-24 20:52:28 by Azurenex

Seeing as Newgrounds has an art portal now I figured I might as well show you all some of my art.


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2009-10-24 23:01:30

your art is great

Azurenex responds:

thanks, glad you like it


2009-10-28 19:35:04

Your art is freakin wonderful...

Azurenex responds:

thank you =)


2009-10-30 17:19:10

I demand a Viking.

Because we do not have enough of those.

Azurenex responds:

Righto, I'll work on that in the next few days.


2009-11-16 20:00:52

Yes... good...And another skandinavian :-)


2009-11-25 03:18:56

love your stuff.... see you're friends with spl@! thats nic.... call me Snaws


2009-12-22 22:17:10

wow. if thats your art bro, u r frigin good. cudos bro

Azurenex responds:

'if' its my art? charming...


2010-05-04 21:40:34

Thats funny that AlbinoTitan would mention a viking, as i was going to request you draw me one as a tattoo hah.